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Peperomia tetraphylla - Hope


Peperomia tetraphylla Hope

Originally from the tropical regions of Central and South America, peperomia plants have eye-catching leaves and a tolerance for a wide range of conditions. The Peperomia Hope has beautiful foliage and its trailing soft stems and small fleshy leaves make an ideal hanging or trailing houseplant.

Pot diameter: 14cm Growers Pot.

The plant is sold in a plastic grow pot. Add a decorative pot to complete the look.

Please note that while we pack these incredibly carefully, they are delicate and may lose a leaf or two in transit.


Light levels: They thrive in moderate bright indirect light.

Watering: During the growing season, make sure to keep the soil moist but not soggy. In Autumn and Winter, don’t water the plant until the soil is dry. Peperomia Hope doesn’t respond well to overwatering.

Feeding: Fertilise once a month in the spring through summer using either a liquid or water-soluble indoor plant fertiliser at half strength.

Toxicity: The Peperomia Hope is non-toxic to pets and children.

Growth: It’s a small plant and grows up to 20cm to 30cm high. Its compact size is what makes it perfect for dish gardens or desktops. Although they dislike the dry air, they grow pretty well in a cool environment. The ideal temperature for its robust growth is between 18° – 24° C.