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Peperomia argyreia - Watermelon


The Watermelon peperomia is one of the most desired peperomia. It's stunning white and green striped foliage can resemble little watermelons, especially from a distance.

Pot diameter: 14cm Growers Pot.

Please note that while we pack these incredibly carefully, they are delicate and may lose a leaf or two in transit.


Light levels: The Peperomia Watermelon will be happiest in medium to bright light. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight. If given too much light, the colors and patterns will fade.  If not enough light, the leaves may become darker green.

Watering: If the soil feels dry to the touch, give it a light drink. They like to be watered little and often. They also like some moisture in the air, misting every week or so will help.

Feeding: Fertilize your Watermelon Peperomia once a month in the spring through summer using either a liquid or water-soluble indoor plant fertilizer at half strength.

Toxicity: The Watermelon Peperomia is non-toxic to pets and children.