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Rhipsalis pilocarpa - Hairy Stemmed Rhipsalis

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Rhipsalis pilocarpa gets the nickname Hairy Stemmed Rhipsalis because it's long draping, narrow leaves are covered in tiny fine white hairs. This little guy is part of the cacti family and produces a gorgeous white scented flower at the end of the stems. 

Pot diameter: 17cm Hanging pot.

The plant is sold in a plastic grow pot. Add a decorative pot to complete the look.


Light levels: A well lit, a bright spot will suit this plant well, be careful not to leave in direct sunlight.

Watering: It is important to keep this plant only slightly moist and allow to dry out before re-watering. Cut right back on watering through the autumn and winter months. Native to the the tropics your Rhipsalis may appreciate a misting every now and then. Its tendrils will start to pucker and lose rigidity if it is under water. 

Temperature: Thrives best in average to warm indoor conditions between 18-25 degrees.

Feeding: You can use a weak cactus fertiliser on this plant through the summer months, it's only required once a year.

Growing: A hanging plant which is reasonably slow growing. 

Toxicity: This plant is non-toxic to pets

Air purifying: Cactus plants are great at helping to absorb bacteria and eliminate toxins out of the air.