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Large Phlebodium aureum - Blue Star Fern

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this is a large and stunning grade of the Blue Star fern, it will make an instant impact! The Blue Star fern with its long wavy wild leaves and stunning colouring looks fabulous in any room.  It is a very easy fern to care for making it a fabulous choice for beginners.

Pot diameter: 18cm

 this plant is sold in a plastic grow pot. 


Light levels: Likes bright indirect light. Can tolerate lower light levels.

Watering: Likes soil to be kept moist, but don’t over-do it as it doesn’t like to be waterlogged. When watering be sure to water around the inside of the pot as it doesn’t like water being poured directly into its rhizome/centre.

Temperature: Enjoys regular household temperatures. Doesn’t like a draught. 

Feeding: A small amount of liquid fertiliser can be applied during spring.

Growing: Can grow up to 1m tall. Likes humidity where possible. A lovely spot in the bathroom or kitchen is great, otherwise a regular mist will help.

Toxicity: Non-toxic.

Air purifying: The Blue Star fern is an excellent air purifier!