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Large Philodendron selloum - Atom

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The Philodendron Atom is reasonably new to the New Zealand market. It has a compact growth habit and its striking decorative shaped leaves make it an asset to any interior. We love the lush healthy feelings that the Atom provides! This is a very impressive sized plant. 

Pot diameter: 20cm 

The plant is sold in a plastic grow pot.



Light levels: Will be happier in indirect sunlight. It doesn't really like direct sunlight.

Watering: Water regularly, twice a week in summer and once a week in winter.

Temperature: The Philodendron Atom prefers warm temperatures. However, it will thrive better in a humid atmosphere so do spray it regularly.  Dried edges on the leaves could indicate a too dry atmosphere for the plant.

Feeding: Use a slow-release liquid fertiliser a few times throughout spring and summer.