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Hoya Obovata

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The Hoya Obovata has become a staple for all plant collectors with its round fleshy leaf. These plants are overall low maintenance and have a relatively quick growth rate if kept in the right conditions, they’re also well known for their fragrant blooms.

Pot diameter: 12cm


Light levels: The Obovata grows best in a well-lit position indoors with plenty of bright and indirect sunlight. If it is placed in a spot that is too shady it will experience slower rates of growth.

Watering: This plant prefers to be dry down thoroughly in between waterings. Like most Hoya varieties, they like high levels of humidity.

Climate: The Obovata withstands regular household temperatures but doesn't respond well to abnormally low indoor temperatures.

Feeding: Use a balanced fertiliser on a monthly basis throughout the growing season in Spring and Summer.

Growth: These plants have a quick rate of growth if kept in optimal conditions. They love to climb, growing it up a moss pole or stake works well. Alternatively, you can prune it to encourage a fuller plant.

Air care: A great plant to have in the home to eliminate any toxins which may be present in the air.