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Ficus elastica - Ruby

$32.00 $39.99

The Ruby rubber plant is an eye catching specimen with its unique tri-colour variegation. It’s a must have for any plant lover and will most definitely standout amongst the crowd in your plant collection!

Growers pot diameter – 14cm


Light: This beauty does best in a well-lit area that’s filled with bright indirect light. If the space isn’t bright enough – the variegation on the plant may become dull.


Watering: Let the soil dry out in between waterings so as to ensure the stems don’t rot and water only until the soil is moist – not soggy. Water less in the cooler months.


Climate: Average indoor temperatures are suitable for this plant, it isn't tolerant of the cold so avoid temperatures below 15 degrees.


Feeding: During the growing season a slow release liquid fertiliser is beneficial as this will help to encourage new growth.


Air care: A wonderful air purifying plant which helps eliminate toxins in the home.


Toxicity: It’s important to keep this plant out of reach of children and pets as it can cause irritation if ingested or if it’s white sap gets onto the skin.


Care: If the plant loses leaves or yellowing of the leaves occurs, this is likely a sign of over-watering so be sure to remove any affected growth and let the plant dry out. It is a good idea to wipe the leaves regularly with a soft cloth to avoid dust from accumulating on their surface.