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Epipremnum aureum - Neon

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Epipremnum aureum Neon is a gorgeous vibrant plant, with bright chartreuse yellow leaves. Double planted. A must have addition to your pothos collection. 

Limit of one per person. 

Pot diameter: 14cm growers pot

The plant is sold in a plastic grow pot. Add a decorative pot to complete the look.



Light levels: The Neon Pothos can become accustomed to low levels of light but it thrives in high levels of bright indirect sunlight year round. Avoid bright direct light as it will likely cause the leaves to burn however not enough light will cause the leaves to go pale and small.

Watering: It’s best to keep the soil moist but no saturated. Let the top layer of soil dry out in between watering and watch our for yellowing or dropping leaves as this is generally a sign of over watering.

Feeding: A slow release fertiliser can be used in the Spring and Summer months.

Growth: A moderate to fast growing plant. 

Toxicity: Be sure to keep this plant variety away from children and pets.

Air purifying: A wonderful air purifying plant to help eliminate any toxins in the home.