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Calathea - Makoyana


If you love patterns, you'll swoon over Calathea makoyana as it boasts some of the most spectacularly decorated foliage in the plant world. With its excellent air purifying properties and stunning foliage this is a must-have for your indoor plant collection.

Pot diameter: 14cm - sold in a plastic nursery pot.


Light levels: Calathea makoyana prefers medium to bright indirect light, and should be shielded from direct sun.

Watering: The best approach to watering Calatheas is little and often. While they shouldn’t be left to sit in water, they do prefer to be in soil which is constantly kept slightly moist. 

Climate: It’s important to keep this plant away from areas that are prone to draught as they prefer warm to hot temperatures ranging from 18-23 degrees.

Feeding: Feed with a low dose of foliage fertiliser throughout the growing months.

Growth: Overall this is a relatively fast growing plant which can reach up to one metre in height.

Air care: A great plant variety for helping to remove toxins from the air.

Toxicity: While this plant is deemed as being non toxic to pets it is still best to be cautious and avoid ingesting any part of the plant.

Care: Wipe the leaves with a soft damp cloth to remove any dust which may accumulate and avoid using any leaf shine products as this can damage the plant.