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Large Kokodama - Marble Queen

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Kokodama is a botanic beauty and planted with the Marble Queen it makes a gorgeous addition to your plant collection.  The Kokodama fibre bowl creates a cosy and sustainable home for trendy and unusual plants. Hanging from the ceiling, sitting on a table or standing on the floor, the Kokodama can find its natural habitat in any interior. The Kokodama is 99% natural and 100% biodegradable.

Epipremnum Marble Queen comes planted in the Kokodama.

Kokodama diameter 25cm, pot insert is 17cm. 



Light levels: Can survive in low light conditions. However, it will thrive and grow a lot faster in medium to bright indirect light conditions. The variegation of the leaves will be more pronounced when growing in a brightly lit environment.

Watering: It is best to water this plant when it is semi-dry and be cautious not to overwater as the plant does not tolerate being waterlogged. This plant is reasonably well adapted to survive in drought conditions. 

Feeding: Apply a slow release liquid fertiliser in the summer months.

Growth: A reasonably fast-growing plant, it's hanging stems can grow to be around 30cm in length.

Toxicity: Be sure to keep this plant variety away from children and pets.

Air purifying: A wonderful air purifying plant to help eliminate any toxins in the home.