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Philodendron - Minima

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The Philodendron 'Minima' is a vining plant with small glossy green leaves that develop fenestrations as they mature. Often referred to as the 'Mini Monstera' this plant is highly sought after due to their gorgeous split leaves, fast growth and ease of care.

Pot diameter: 14cm. 

The plant is sold in a plastic grow pot. Add a decorative pot to complete the look.



Light levels: The minima grows best in a well-lit position indoors with plenty of bright and indirect sunlight. If it is placed in a spot that is too shady it will experience slow rates of growth and potentially much smaller leaves than normal.

Watering: This plant prefers to be kept slightly moist at all times however beware of overwatering as it won't respond well, it prefers to be on the drier side.

Climate: The minima withstands regular household temperatures but doesn't respond well to abnormally low indoor temperatures. They love humidity so if you can increase the level of moisture in the air then your plant will respond well.

Feeding: Use a balanced fertiliser on a monthly basis throughout the growing season.

Growth: These plants have a quick rate of growth if kept in optimal conditions. They love to climb, growing it up a moss pole works well. Alternatively, you can prune it to encourage a fuller plant that will overflow the pot beautifully. 

Air care: A great plant to have in the home to eliminate any toxins which may be present in the air.

Toxicity: This plant is considered poisonous to pets.

Care: These plants require repotting at least every 2 years due to their rate of growth.