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Philodendron Mamei

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Philodendron Mamei

The truly beautiful Philodendron Mamei is a tropical perennial creeping plant that is also known under the name “Silver Cloud”. It produces large heart-shaped leaves with striking silver variegation This houseplant is easy to take care of and a good choice for beginners.

 Pot diameter: 12cm.

The plant is sold in a plastic grow pot. Add a decorative pot to complete the look.



Light levels: They prefer bright indirect sunlight but the Philodendron Mamei care is easy even in low light conditions, making it perfect for indoor growing.

 Watering: Make sure the top of the soil is dry before watering as this plant won’t react well to overwatering. Water less in the colder months.

 Climate: This plant withstands regular household temperatures but doesn't respond well to abnormally low indoor temperatures. They love humidity so if you can increase the level of moisture in the air then your plant will respond well.

Feeding: Use a balanced fertilizer on a monthly basis throughout the growing season.

 Growth: The Philodendron Mamei or silver cloud plant can grow up to 3 feet tall, with leaves growing up to 45cm (18 inches) in width.

 Air care: A great plant to have in the home to eliminate any toxins which may be present in the air.

 Toxicity: This plant is considered poisonous to humans and pets.