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Why Green Plants Help Beat the Blues

Posted on May 16 2019

Why Green Plants Help Beat the Blues

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Green indoor plants not only look good, but they also restore the calm and boost your mood!

If you’re into the current trend of indoor pot plants the good news is that they not only look great but have excellent health benefits. After blue, green is the most prevalent colour on earth.  It is the colour that represents nature. Green helps to balance our energies and brings with it a sense of harmony and calm. It is amazing how a stroll amongst nature can do you wonders when you are feeling down! 

Past studies have shown the direct benefits plants have for our health. They help to remove toxins from the air, provide us with clean air, and increase humidity reducing the onset of respiratory illnesses. On top of this, recent studies have shown a strong link between indoor plants and a reduction in stress, sickness, and absence in the workplace. Research by New University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has revealed a 37% decrease in anxiety and tension where green plants were present in the workplace, and therefore an increase in performance and wellbeing.

Stress is something we have all encountered at various stages in our lives whether it be at work or home. Why not use plants to create a stress-relieving environment? You can create your very own sanctuary, a place of calm that brings the outside in. Being close to nature reminds you of a simpler slower paced way of life, helping you to enrich not only your mood but also your interior. Gee thanks plants!

Inspired by the philosophy of bringing the outside in we’ve compiled a list of must-have houseplants to incorporate into your life. There's no such thing as too many plants so get on board!